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A Review of Golf Simulators for Sale

  There are about 4-6 major golf simulator companies on the market today that sell large, virtual golf simulators and about another 4-6 companies that sell smaller, home golf simulators. This article will focus on large virtual simulators that usually need to be professionally installed in your home or your facility. These are the "big box" simulator companies that use full screen technologies coupled with high-definition projectors that truly give you a virtual experience. aboutGolf Simulators, most recognizable for their relationship with the PGA Tour, has seen great reviews over the past few years for their innovation and use of new technology in all of their products. This Ohio based company uses very advanced technology to deliver a full golf screen experience by expanding the total screen area to almost 180 degrees around you. They deliver the biggest screens on the market in their attempt to totally immerse you in the scene. Their flagship product comes with a 3D graph

Ten Smart Ways to Save Money on Print Procurement in 2010

  Think about $150 billion! That is what organizations spend on printing in the United States each year. If 25% to 45% of that could be saved annually, that would be $37.5 billion to $67.5 billion that could be redirected for other purposes such as new jobs, new facilities, employee health care, product development, debt reduction, etc. - even good old fashioned profit. Without a change in print procurement methodologies and management tools this level of print procurement cost reduction is simply not attainable. Yet U.S. patented procurement procedures are available to make 25% to 45% savings a reality without compromising quality or delivery requirements. The patented methodology strengthens the procurement process by pre-qualifying the buyer's print suppliers, matching suppliers to only jobs they can perform and creating a competitive bidding environment. Every detail from design to delivery is tracked and documented, and 100% transparency is provided. Embracing this approach sh

Charge Station Wii Advantages

The Nintendo Wii has grown to be the most popular console of this generation, staying on top of the competitors: the Xbox 360 and the PS3. This is a machine that is meant to enjoy better with the family, and friends, and for this we need to always keep our controllers working. A charge station for Wii can be your best investment as a Wii accessory. The Nintendo console already comes with controllers that work with AA batteries, however if you play a lot, over the long time you'll find that replacing them constantly can be very bothersome. Wouldn't it be better to keep them charging while you stop playing? This is the main advantage of a Wii charge station. Not only you can charge one controller, but you can find dual and even quad chargers! Another advantage of owning a charge station for your controllers is protection. Once you dock the controllers in the device they will be safe from falling or from someone stepping on them. Most gamers end up putting the Wiimotes on the firs